The first time I sat in front of a computer running an Unix system was in the late ninetees, in 1997, in the computer room of the Faculty of Physics in the USC.That machine was a Solaris diskless workstation connected to a big SUN Sparc server. I used to play a little with CDE, Netscape and the unix shell.

Now all that feels like another time, another life. A long time has passed and since then I have played with so many unix-like systems like BSD and Linux, using them both at home and work.

I’ve also built a career in software development, and I’m interested in information and technology security.

This is my personal website, the place where I write and publish articles, notes and personal thoughts.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to comment on any contents I’ve published here. You can find me by email (wu (at) e-shell (dot) org), in IRC (Wu in Libera.Chat) or in the Fediverse (@Wu@bsd.network).


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